Vegan sugar (stevia free) cupcakes, also flour free!

Updated: May 27

*If you do eat dairy you can add Kefir for extra texture and added benefits to the topping.

It's already sweet and creamy.

*If you want to add extra sugar flavor add dates. (Boil & Blend the dates.) Health benefits and one is usually enough. It's already naturally sweet. This post contains affiliate links :) disclosure

The Ingredients you need:

*Coconut Vegan butter (This recipe is so good you don't even need all butter)

1. 1 cup of Cashews

2. 3 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

3. 2 bananas (you can add even 3 bananas)

(Yes, they will bake they don't need baking soda or flour. Mexico City altitude. But the bananas and cashews are the "flour" inside this recipe.)


-4 tbsp Coconut butter

-1 piece of Mango

Ok, here is the video recipe step by step:

-These cupcakes need to be baked at 185C· 365 F· degrees for 25 minutes.

-While baking them make the frosting and put in the fridge.

-Before adding the frosting let the cupcakes cool down.

-Keep in the fridge inside a topper for 1 hour

-Serve (Keep inside refrigerator)

I hope you enjoy them!

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