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Things you didn't know about: Good Digestion & Habits

Updated: Nov 6

Hello, In case you are new here, welcome! Subscribe at the top to get notified of new posts. I try to share a new topic weekly and especially information from IIN as a Health Coach & Hormone Health Graduate. One of my passions is to share the information available to help you understand good habits and the causes of stress in the body.

As we well know, good habits are of crucial importance, to prevent diseases. The health risks of a diet that comes from processed, canned food with large amounts of sugar are increasingly known. Today, I share one of my favorite topics.

Digestion, I try to share short articles that allow you to read them and be aware of new information. So if you like it, don't forget to follow me to be able to comment or subscribe to receive information about new healthy brands and blog posts that will help you take care of your health and your family. (It is a new blog and although I wish I could blog weekly. Sometimes it is not weekly, however, I encourage you to interact with me on Facebook or social networks and to ask any questions or concerns you may have.)

What, I want to share today. Is the importance of stomach acid. All of this information I ask you to take with the awareness of what may be happening in your body, but not to self-diagnose but to include healthier habits in your life. Or visiting an appropriate professional in the case of someone who is not yet suffering from a severe condition, a Health Coach is a good option to meet, inform you and get new tools to take care of your health. Fortunately, we are more and more around the world in various countries. We study at IIN Institute for Integrative Nutrition and have the necessary certifications in various subjects. Mine is in Health Coaching and Hormone Health. I invite you to visit the page and review the information.

There are several components for good digestion and different processes and stages, but I want to talk today specifically about the importance of stomach acid. Stomach acid plays essential roles, which include: ● digestion ● Acting as a shield against bacteria. ● Decomposition of proteins ● absorbent minerals. 4 reasons why the stomach may not produce enough acid: ● Drugs that block acid. ● age ● autoimmune conditions ● Diet low in minerals and vitamins. (for example, standard American diet) Nice week! Any questions you find me on social media like Zenutrirvida :)

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*IMPORTANT:  Nothing in this blog should be considered medical advice.  I am a trained Health Coach, this does not mean that by accessing my blog or this information makes me “your” health coach. Review our privacy policy. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a proposed diet or health program.Feel free to subscribe or unsubscribe at any time, view our privacy policy: here &

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