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Updated: May 27


If you are like most people, I imagine that you have specific goals for your health and your life. Maybe you want to enjoy more energy and you are tired of always feeling tired or you do not sleep properly. Maybe you experience all those cravings, without knowing that the different cravings are linked to deficiencies of minerals and your intestinal flora. And that there’s a way little by little, you can actually change that. This post contains affiliate links :)disclosure

As a Health Consultant, I graduated from IIN Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I support my clients to make changes in their lifestyle and diet step by step. Respecting your lifestyle and preferences. Finding what works for you and your requirements. Through a unique and personalized approach.

That entails information and tools that will help you meet your goals. Part of my job is to support you and provide a personalized program that also complements you emotionally and mentally so that those changes are permanent and mindful of your feelings and body. We respect the body and "bio-individuality" of each person.

Making reference that neither the ailments, food choices, cravings, metabolism, or choices are the same in any person. That is why the focus and continuous program of support and personalized to each individual. Do you want to try a session, but do not know if it is the right program for you? We provide a holistic view of the person's needs, not recipes. But healthy meal ingredients, reduce toxins and give you the tools and information on healthy habits.

This is the approach of a Health Consultant or Health Coach of IIN.

I hope to see you soon,

Greetings Nadine

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