Gut Candida Healing Foods

Updated: May 27

Hi! It’s nice to be able to share healthy topics with you today. What is Cándida? It is an infection in the small intestine specifically, it grows because of an eating disorder overgrowth of fungal parasites and there are various types of Candida. However, this type of disorder in the intestine is a type of fungus and the yeast grows excessively through the consumption of sugar, alcoholic beverages, simple or refined carbohydrates. This post contains Affiliate links!:)disclosure

Excessive meat and other factors in diet and lifestyle resulting in yeast overgrowth and it stops fulfilling its function properly. People suffering from this disorder, should make immediate changes in their diet since the symptoms are diverse and increase with a bad diet.

The symptoms go from the weakness of the body, burning or gastritis, poor digestion, depression, anxiety, etc.

I share 10 foods that help fight it and prevent its growth:

-Coconut oil






-Olive oil

-Kale - Cayenne Pepper



These foods have anti-fungal properties that impede the growth of the digestive candida in the body. However, it is important to consult your doctor, so that you can take the appropriate treatment and diet.

I provide information on Health topics as information on healthy living, habits, and lifestyle. For informational purposes only.

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