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Updated: May 27

I want to share a healthy way to detoxify your skin. Normally skin allergies are related to the intestinal health and the immune system of each person. Hydration and your ability to purify toxins. Your diet and water quantity as well as exercise clearly influence the quality of your skin. Sugar, creates a perfect environment for fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Since they create an acid pH in the body, which causes problems in your digestion, inflammation in the brain, etc.

Therefore alkalizing your PH is a way to help your body to heal these conditions. It is also important that you know that foods with trans fat, such as potatoes and all junk food, also promote acid pH. Since the additives, preservatives, and added sugar create toxins an intoxication that little by little is changing your ability to purify these toxins from your intestines and skin. Another thing that causes skin problems is dairy products since today they contain and influence the type of hormones that the animal consumed and also creates mucus in your digestion which is not optimal for a healthy metabolism or to purify toxins from your body. This post contains affiliate links! :)disclosure

The recommendations that I leave, are easy and complemented with good hydration and exercise provide a form of detoxification and a natural process. Recommendations:

-No sugar or low sugar consumption (it is better natural than artificial sweetened that also directly affects the hormones). -No dairy. -Exercise 3 sessions a week. -1 lt of water daily.

Complements with:

-Fiber -If you manage to leave the sugar except fruit add probiotics to heal your intestinal flora. -Lemon water in the morning without sugar or honey (alkaline PH) to remove excess toxins not for everyone. Basis comes from Ayurveda. -Celery (the properties of celery help to detoxify the body and liver) * Topically use tea tree oil or neem (known for its wonderful properties to combat skin problems)

Have a great day! Om Zenutrirvida

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