dōTERRA DIY Safe House Cleaning

Updated: May 27

So, here’s the video and written instructions:

1. Empty shampoo bottle (let’s recycle ♻️)

2. Water (I use filtered water)

3. 3 caps of On guard multipurpose soap

4. 3 drops of "purify" dōTerra oil. (If you add purify to your mix is more potent but don’t use it on dishwasher or dishes. Just in case you want to remove odor from the washing machine. (I don’t use it since the multipurpose soap works great without adding purify).

5. Shake before you use it.

*Strength: Good enough for toilet cleaning! The purify oil removes all odors from the bathroom. Making it clean and odor-free. Essential oils are very pure and potent but without the added toxic chemicals.

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1. Multi-use soap & For glass & Shower (add 10 lemon drops)

2. Multi-use soap & For Kitchen add (Purify for odor free & extra counter cleaning)

3.Multi-use soap & Tangerine for Dish Cleaning

4. Multi-purpose soap alone also does wonders

*Those basically work for everything.

Safe House cleaning, is important for your immune system it helps to keep it free of toxins. A clean lifestyle. One of the biggest toxins we absorb is due to house cleaning industry products.

So, if you can reduce this impact on your health your body will thank you later. You can safely, take care of your family with essential oils but remember quality is everything. For some all the research and help they give out and bring the ingredients from the source, I trust and love dōTERRA..

You can save up a lot since every drop counts. I’m leaving the link below for anyone who wishes to subscribe & save. (You don’t need to buy a kit you can just pay a small subscription fee and receive the discount. Or if you want to purchase in my store. (DM or email me if you purchase from my store, to give you all the information on what you bought and make the most of it. If you subscribe and become part of my team. You get added perks I give you for joining in and free coaching to use your oils or any doubt you have.)

Have a great day!

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