Chronic Stress & Adrenal Health

Updated: May 27

Chronic stress in the body is a response of the body to constant situations of stress states in your life. Which affects your hormonal health, since it makes the brain hyper-reactive. Making it difficult to respond to different situations that your body perceives as dangerous. Elevating the level of Glucocorticoids, produced by adrenal glands. They are released in response to stress. When resistance is created in the Glucocorticoid receptor the cortisol in the body remains high, but the receptors of the body become resistant to excess cortisol in the body. In a certain way, it is as if you left the accelerator of stress in the body generating an imbalance in your hormones. This post contains affiliate links! :)disclosure


-Increased Infection

-Depression and or anxiety

-Impaired learning and memory

-Brain fog, lack of concentration & forgetting things

What helps to regenerate or revert these habits or stress in the body is the Neuroplasticity of the brain which allows to modify and restructure, the changes. To create new neural patterns and responses to change.

1. Meditation

Has profound impacts on the brain. According to scientific studies of 10 to 15 minutes is enough to regenerate the gray matter of the brain.

2. Learn something new

Teaches the brain to handle change and to be more flexible. For example, you can start new hobbies or create new habits or activities that propose a new change.

3. Physical activity promotes a meditative state and that promotes blood flow.

Tai Chi


Yoga or a 30-minute walk can improve the oxygen in the brain and the flow of blood in the body.

4. Social Interaction Do activities that generate a positive mood.

Adrenal Health

1. A Clean Diet (of toxins, hormones, pesticides, etc.) 2. Include a diet rich in Omega with DHA and EPA that reduce inflammation of the brain and body. And different foods and supplements that reduce stress in the body. 3. Make a list of priorities. 4. Take small breaks. 5. Maintain healthy body health, from time to time take a bath in a tub, schedule a massage, take a walk. 6. Try to reduce perfectionism. Make an action plan for important tasks so as not to generate stress.

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