Causes of Inflammation in the body

Updated: May 27

Hi! As a weekly ritual now, I try to share different content through my blog, for you to get the most updated information related to various health conditions and improving your overall health. As many of you may now know, diet and lifestyle are directly linked to how your genes express themselves, the disease may or may not present due to habits, lifestyle, and nutrition.

So, I will first share the most common gut conditions to then explain how Inflammation occurs in the body and it's linked to these symptoms. All of these topics, I learned at IIN and its one of the reasons, I love to share awareness and help through health coaching sessions. This post contains affiliate links :) disclosure

Here are the 4 most common Gut Conditions and Symptoms:

-Leaky gut

-Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth SIBO

-Yeast Overgrowth

-Fatty Liver Disease

Here its a list of symptoms linked to these common Gut Conditions´:

● Bad breath

● Brain fog, anxiety, or depression


● Fatigue or low energy

● Gas or bloating

● Cramping or urgency

● Mucous bowel movements

● Loose stool, diarrhea, constipation, or


● Food sensitivities

● Carbohydrate intolerance, especially


These common gut conditions plus bad eating habits like toxins in food. Keep creating the same symptoms and start creating havoc in your gut lining, metabolism, health, and hormones. The gut lining is the one that prevents toxins and waste to enter the bloodstream and it is only as thick as one layer cell. So this is the reason behind if you keep out processed foods out, detox from sugar, remove additives and toxins to recover your intestinal flora and gut. Your overall health improves.

The causes of inflammation in the body are caused by poor diet and not knowing that certain types of food are high in histamine and increasing intolerance, allergies, inflammation, and symptoms caused through a poor diet. Having reactions to different reactions due to these gut conditions directly linked to SIBO and Leaky gut.

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I will leave on the bottom both of my Certifications at IIN for which you can check other topics we may work on during a health coaching session that adapts to your specific requirements.

Have a great week!

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