Benefits & uses of Neem

Updated: May 27

Neem- Promotes Healthy Skin & Inmune system

This is one of my favorite plants! Today, I am going to share a natural remedy you can use to clear and improve your acne-prone skin; If you have any pimples, allergies, or a skin condition. First of all, if you have acne or any skin condition it is a good idea to really check your diet there are good fats and bad fats, good sugars and bad sugars…this applies to almost everything related to food. When you drink more water and eat a healthy appropriate vegan diet or any other natural approach, you are helping your body detox and this will reflect on your body and skin. Health coaches, we focus on health not on the calories you are consuming or if you are building body mass the types of carbs you should be eating. Since we focus on health we share not the fat intake but give you complete information about the type of foods you are consuming and the long term effects on your body. For example cheese it creates excess mucous in your digestion etc. An excess of toxins in your gut is linked to allergies and skin diseases.

Understanding your own requirements. In my case I had to follow a Vegan diet for 2 years. (On the first year my complexion cleared. My skins complex was normal until the age of 22. It took about a year to clear up)

Neem is something I have found to be a natural miracle worker, you can see evident results especially when you use it topically. It has really helped my skin stay clear in a natural healthy way. Repair spots and keep it healthy effortlessly.

What is Neem?

Neem is a tree. All the parts, leaves, fruit, and seeds, contain healing properties. It has been used in India and in Ayurveda natural medicine for many years. It can be used for skin issues and conditions or as daily healthy natural skincare.

Neem Benefits?

· Improves skin health

· Analgesic

· Soothes itchiness, redness, irritation, and inflammation

· Combats bacterial infections

· Shiny healthy hair

· Stimulates the immune system

· Blood cleansing

· Anti-bacterial

· Antiviral

· Anti-septic

· Anti-fungal

· Helps psoriasis

· Helps eczema

· Scabies

· Head lice

and many other benefits…

Neem products


Green with black Neem seeds.

Use daily. Start using a small amount of foam. It might sting really bad.


Improve hair. Healthy scalp.


It is a kind of greenish/brown color, with a very strong smell. Use daily instead of moisturizer in affected areas.


Green. Take as directed on the label to boost the immune system and detox your body and skin naturally.


Use powder topically on skin affected areas, it is kind of strong, and if your skin is infected it burns.


They are black/greenish color, with a very sour taste. Drink as directed on the label to boost the immune system and detox your body and skin naturally

Use topically on skin affected areas.

My skincare routine as a Health Coach:

I love natural ingredients, the brands you will find on my website are all focused on healthy ingredients. I absolutely love Nu Skin since they have scientific research behind each product and there is one for different skin needs.

Well, this was my skincare routine while I had acne at 22 which cleared with neem and a Vegan or detox diet.

Nowadays my skin got completely balanced with:

-doTERRA Maeleluca essential oil

-doTERRA Lavender oil

-Nu Skin Normal to Combo & LumiSpa Cleansing device

-Since I am now 32 I use an anti-aging skincare line rich in Vitamin C from Nu Skin called 180.

That's it my skin complexion transformed to healthy and normal. I use healthy supplements like vegan multivitamin, magnesium, and Vitamin D3. My diet now is protein Balanced and I use Tr90 shake from Nu Skin- Pharmanex for body shaping which protects muscle and helps to lose weight.

Well I hope you like this post! Until next time

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