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Sleep Well: stress reduction & hormone health

Updated: Jul 5

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I hope you are doing wonderful. Despite our fast living pace nowadays here are some good habits to care for your hormones. I am a graduate of IIN Institute for Integrative Nutrition in Health Coaching and Hormone Health Course. To book a session please follow on Facebook or Instagram. This post contains affiliate links! :)disclosure

Hormone Health Recommendations, for a healthy good night sleep:

1. Stop Eating Hours before bedtime

-Eating right before bed disrupts digestion

-Blood sugar imbalances from eating late can lead to disrupted sleep.

2.Create a bedtime ritual

Set a stage for better sleep.


-Epsom salt bath

-Diffusing Essential oils



-Gentle stretching

-Herbal tea

-Making a bedroom sanctuary of rest

-Making sure the bedroom is completely dark (pineal gland gets activated by electronics & blue light)

3.Exercise and engage in physical activity during the day

-A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to sleep disturbances

-Best time for exercise is early

4. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

-Caffeine decreases melatonin and stimulates adrenals

-Adrenals get overloaded by stress & cortisol

-Alcohol interferes with REM (dream) sleep and increases sleep apnea.

-Remember the bio-individuality IIN term that states everyone is different in lifestyle and requirements that might work for some might not work for others. Someone's food might be someone else's allergy.

That's all for today.

I hope you are all mindful of your own bio-individuality ;)


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