Acidic and Alkaline Foods

Updated: May 27

What is Health Coaching? We provide a guide of information and tools on primary food (emotions) and secondary food (food), lifestyle and support you in a mindful and encouraging way to help you reach a greater understanding, of how your body works and what lifestyle changes support your health.

Do you know what effects your PH has on your body? How acidic foods affect your health? It is well known that bacteria, viruses, and fungus thrive on an acidic PH. A normal PH is between 7 and 8. An acidic PH is below 7. For example a PH in 3 is too acidic and there are foods that are in this range like cream cheese.

In Health Coaching, you can receive a guide of acidic and alkaline foods list to help you raise your immune system. Health Coaching is a way to naturally support your health through lifestyle and informed decisions, about how you nourish your body. (Grab yours free when you subscribe plus an Ayurveda Body type quiz.)

A balance in food is always of great aid to your PH, natural greens and veggies are alkaline. When trying to balance your PH your water intake also has an effect. The normal intake of natural water is between 8 glasses a day more could affect your PH and health.

Our bodies help to control our acid-base balance primarily through our respiratory and urinary systems. However, it’s also helpful to monitor and control the acidic and alkaline composition of our bodies through the foods we eat.

Foods either produce an acid or alkaline product after they’re digested and broken down. The actual pH of the food doesn’t impact whether a food is acidic or alkaline-forming in the body. For example, lemon is very acidic but is alkaline-forming in the body after consuming. In general, meat, eggs, dairy, and refined carbohydrates are acid-forming, and most fruits and vegetables are alkaline-forming. Cooked foods are generally more acidic than raw foods.

For more information: Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young’s The ph Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

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