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7 ways to loose stress on daily basis

Updated: 3 days ago

On these days, since an early age we tend to occupy our daily schedule with classes or other obligations.

Sometimes we barely have time to do the things we enjoy and forget the most essential part of life, which is to enjoy life, since everyday is a PRESENT. We also tend to forget that we are living in the present not in the past and not in the future either.

Here are some tips that I have learned over the years to make time for myself and loose stress, In times when I have deadlines, responsibilities and other obligations.

Also when life feels overwhelming. They will help you, loose your stress and get on with your activities carefree. You will benefit and it is something you can do every day no matter how busy you are, and it doesn’t require a lot of effort or time and it can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.


Depending on which tea you're taking it contains natural properties that stimulate your body in various ways and can help you decompress. Organic and caffeine free is the best way to go.

For me there is nothing more soothing than a Lavender tea with warm coconut milk and honey, I get happy just thinking about it. Or a chamomile tea when I feel I'm getting overwhelmed it is great for headaches. The best cold remedy and soothing throat treatment I love is Ginger tea or lemon tea with honey or with Propolis. So, here are some teas, their properties and some benefits. You can have them at home and they can help you relax anytime you need it.

Lavender Tea

· Soothing Aroma

· Slow nervous system activity, promoting relaxation

· Anxiety

· Insomnia

· Stress

· Depression (not to take if taking sedatives or depression pills)

· Digestive Issue Relief

· Migraines

· Colic

Chamomile Tea

· Mild sedative effects

· Insomnia

· Good night sleep

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Stress reliever

· Support immune system


· High on Vitamin C

· Relieve nausea

· Fight respiratory problems

· Relieve stress

· Strengthen Immunity

· Detoxify the liver

Positive enforcement

This is something I started to do many years ago, when I need a little push to be more positive and need to feel better without doing something that required time, since there have been times in my life when I have been very busy. It is super easy.

Make a post it or make a picture or art of the words and attributes you would like in your life, hang them in a place near you. Where you can constantly watch it or where you are normally around most of the day or where you can see it before going to sleep.

For example: If you are constantly running around the house from one side to another make several post it’s and put them around the house they can say BREATHE or RELAX. Your mind unconsciously gives the order to the brain to do so.

If your emotions or your personal perspective is what you want to heal, put those post it’s around your bathroom mirror with positive words of how you want to feel or something you want to create in your life.

Another thing you can do, is make a positive list of your goals or habits you want to incorporate into your life. You can record it with a nice background music that inspires you in a positive way, every time you listen to it. Or make a written list and read it before you go to sleep.

Remember it takes about 40 days to make a new habit before you start to make it automatically, so make the positive enforcement as fun as you want it to be.

A few rules to make the most of it:

· Never use the word No, or start a sentence with a negative word.

· Never use long sentences

· Be specific

· Never use a negative word

· Always make it fun to see

· There are no limits write the word of whatever you are trying to create or what you want to have in your life.

· Use the most adequate word with your beliefs check that you don’t have a negative feeling or emotion towards that word. Change it or make it something positive for you to remember.

Get some Sun/Sea

The sun and the sea is normally something positive we all respond to as humans since both are made of components physically and energetically that make our bodies feel better. Our mind is a powerful tool that just thinking about it makes us feel better. Hang a picture that you love from a time you were at the beach, buy a picture of the sea. Watch a video of just hearing and seeing the beach waves.

Go out into the sun and stay for a little while or bring a bottle of water close your eyes and just breathe. Have a picture a paint of something that reminds you of the sun.


Have plants around your house. Consider them your friends. Water them and start feeling when they need water and be intuitive by observation of its needs greet her gladly every day. Sing to it. You will start to see how your plant interacts to your positive relationship with her. They will do most of the job they naturally clean the air and energy around us. Choose a beautiful plant with nice big curved leaves. Something you would love to see everyday.


Have you ever soaked your body in honey and warm water? I love it. How about a nice lavender tea bath or oatmeal bath? Do it as often as you can. Pamper yourself.


In a cotton ball put your favorite essential oil before going to sleep it is not necessary to over concentrate the smell one or three drops into the cotton ball under your pillow cover, is more than enough to enjoy its benefits.


One of the most relaxing things or fun things for me to do is paint or sing. My mood changes into a positive mode automatically. Put your favorite party song and dance or jump until you are so tired you can’t move your legs and just have fun.

Exercise is good for your body and your mind. It generates the positive brain waves you need to stay healthy. I know it is hard sometimes to start doing it so, so try cycling and make sure you can put your phone and watch something fun or play your favorite playlist.

For me it is one of my favorite activities to multitask. I watch the videos I need to watch for school or therapy and they usually last for more than an hour; so I concentrate on that and forget about the fact I am doing exercise and I just do it.

Sometimes I even get exited about the fact that I have to study since it is also at the same time I exercise, so thank God for WIFI at the Gym.

Just find a way to pamper yourself on daily basis. Give yourself a feet massage, read something you enjoy, put beautiful background music while you work or study. Go to the movies watch anything you like or something positive. Laugh in a positive way.

This post is just about my personal experience in meditation and as a devoted user of natural remedies and Alternative Therapies. I really hope you enjoy this post, until next time!

Thank you for following my blog, you are all very kind and it is a pleasure to interact with all of you.



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