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3 Natural Stones & Quartz´s for Balance

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Hi! Welcome to my mini-blog where I try to write fast articles for you to read on the go. Today´s wellness topic is how to use quartz and stones for meditation and harmonizing your energy. Personally I love using my jade gemstone roll-on for my skin and essential oils. I also diffuse the essential oils or use both for meditation. Here are some of them and a few of its many uses!


Color: Pink, white, purple, or translucent.

Healing and Uses: Benefits the pituitary gland, improves intuition, communication with the earth.


Color: Light to dark purple, dark purple-red, deep violet to pale lavender almost clear.

Healing and Uses: spiritual development, divine connection, mental clarity, healing, clearing negative energies, dreaming, and protection.


Color: Deep or dark green with red

Healing and Uses : Creativity, Strenght, circulation, energy.

All of the quartz´s crystals and stones need to be cleansed. Before using them or charging them with positive energy like sunlight. You can use them in meditation by holding them on your palms while you meditate. Or having a salt or quartz lamp in the area where you meditate.

I loooove Quartz´s! Can´t live without them! Share your favorites! I would love to hear about how you use them!

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Follow on @zenutrirvida on social media! Until next time!

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