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In Zenutrirvida you will find a set of different webinars that provide you with information & workshops. To achieve your goals and get information on lifestyle topics, information sources, and habits that support Overall Wellbeing.


Different exercises that are easy for you to follow with recipes and handouts. Get all the information, the tools you need regarding different health topics.


Making it easy for you to achieve different wellness goals. 

Choices that help you increase your energy & decrease your stress. Get specific information on Wellness topics that we as Health Coaches are trained to share.


You can also find healthy ingredients and great skincare at my shops or contact me. To get more information about any of the brands I love!

"Hi as a Health Coach from Integrative Nutrition IIN, I love sharing Wellness topics that help to provide information and resources on habits & a healthy lifestyle. Understanding the causes behind stress, ingredients, choices behind your lifestyle." 



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Webinars & Workshops!

Coming soon!

Introducing Health Coaching Webinars & Workshops you can join. Easily from your home!  What are your wellness goals? Complete the webinars to access tools, information that naturally supports a state of Wellbeing. You also have me as your personal Health Coach while taking the workshop! Online support 24/7.

I Love healthy skincare!

Discover Nu Skin! Welcome to my blog! While... I upload the first webinar please be sure to contact me if you are looking for a particular product if you want a discount or need information. I leave here some of my discounts on my Nu Skin Platform. You can access them here or send me a message for a personalized bundle of products with a discount! 

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