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Nu Skin

Discover your best®

Use really good skincare products, share them & earn points and rewards!

1.Click on Get Started button at bottom: Choose Country & Region. North America (Mexico, U.S.A., Canada) and language.

*Watch Video with Instructions or read them here:

2.Scroll to the bottom of the Nu Skin page and click on: Begin Your Journey  If you want to start a business ask me how to begin earning money. (When you purchase or subscribe there are: no fees, no minimum purchase on either type of account you choose, no subscription fee. Yes to earning rewards from day 1!)

3. Choose the type of account you want to create: Brand Affiliate or Customer 

4.Put Sponsor Information in both types of account: MX5189410 (Please put my Id so I can be your sponsor and help you in anything you need)

5.Fill in all fields: To get your login, purchase notification to email and birthdate perks.

6.Check email, you get notified of your subscription. 

*Login at Nu Skin with your ID & email and login that you created. 

7. Contact me: healthcoach@zenutrirvida.com I get notified after you subscribe. On any questions you have or how to get started.  All the product information.

8. Go to Nu Skin in your Country and give them your ID (you receive an email with it when you subscribe.) You can go and get to know the facilities & products. Very Welcoming environment:)