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My name is Nadine Elías, I am from Mexico. I studied my Health Coaching Certification at IIN Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  In the following images & links; you can visit my certifications as a Health Coach, I am also a certified therapist with a Quantum Medicine & Biofeedback device called Eductor. In Mexico, I give Wellness Therapies with EDUCTOR®. I am a Hatha Yoga Siromani teacher TTC Graduate. I am also a Certified ThetaHealer® since 2012, I work with this meditation technique. Balboa Press Book Author "Whispers From Your Heart-An Intuitive Guide to Inner Peace" N.G.E.U. available at your favorite online bookstore. I love sharing everything that supports a healthy lifestyle. 

As a Health Coach & Blogger, I provide tools and information that provide wellness and wellbeing information.  Discover wellness from within and quality products that are mindful of health & wellness.


My online distributor shops are on my Social Media. Contact me if you want to build your own business with any of these brands in my distributor's team with mentoring, online business building training platform & online platform office. As a distributor these brands allow you to work from home, have online training, and develop your business on social media.


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