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Rock your natural skin! 

Welcome!... Healthy Skincare & Wellness! Want to make your skin glow & healthy?

I only use skincare products with great ingredients, made in a top-quality product laboratories & companies that give back! Want to know more?


You may have heard that your skin is

a reflection of your health. When a

blemish appears on your face, it may

be a sign of an imbalance, whether

it is related to nutrition, hormones,

genetics, or environmental factors.

Skin is the body’s largest organ, and

it communicates with the internal

organs, ultimately dictating what

shows up – or doesn’t – on our faces.

Do you want to know how you can improve your health for radiant skin?

Skin mapping, also known as face

mapping, is a technique originally used

in Traditional Chinese Medicine and

Ayurveda. The idea is that the face

is a mirror of your health – various

areas or “zones” of the face correlate

to specific organs and reveal their

condition. Face mapping guides you to

look beyond the surface and treat the

underlying cause of a skin condition.

Book a Health Coaching Session & get your skin mapping guide!

Understand the correlation between gut health and skin wellness.

Find great skincare options! Contact me for info.

Accent eyes kit
Nu Skin 180

Health Coaching Resources & Programs!

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